India, Social Media Break, and Upcoming Travel

The last few weeks have been a little crazy. I was in India and in Dubai and in true Akshaya fashion I was sick for 60% of that trip. I’m kinda over my shitty immune system. Anyone want to trade?

But other than that the trip was wonderful and relaxing. I got to see my family and eat a lot of very delicious food. I even got a couple of new story ideas! I’ve never been to Dubai before so it was awesome to add a new country to the list of places I’ve been lucky enough to visit. Unfortunately my mom and I were both really sick with a nasty cold for most of that trip so we couldn’t really do a lot of the things we wanted to do, including going into the desert. Hopefully I can make it back there one of these days!

But now that I’m back home and finally recovering, I’m diving right into Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m kind of half drafting, half revising a manuscript and I’m hoping to add 20,000 new words in April.

I’ve also got some more travel coming up. I’m headed to RT next week in Las Vegas! My critique partners and I had SO much fun last year that we decided to go back this year! And at the end of the month, I’m headed to Yallwest in Santa Monica! I’ve been going back and forth on if I want to go, and yesterday I committed to it since it’s not that far and that author line up is seriously ridiculous. I cannot wait!

But between the traveling, praying to the immune system gods that I won’t get sick again (seriously my body cannot handle travel anymore!) and all the writing I want to get done, I’ve decided to step away from social media for most of April. Exceptions: I am still on Instagram and I will be on Twitter for the duration of RT and Yallwest.

I logged out of everything and deleted the apps from my phone. The first few days were pretty hard, but it’s been surprisingly easy to stay away. And wow. I have so much time when I’m not aimlessly scrolling through Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook 30 times a day! I’ll be honest—I don’t know that I’ve been that much more productive because of it, but it’s certainly been great for clearing my mind.

I do have some more substantial new blog posts in the works that I’m very excited about, so hopefully I’ll have those up pretty soon!


5 thoughts on “India, Social Media Break, and Upcoming Travel

  1. So Glad you had a good time on your trip but soooo sucky that you were sick! I have a huge stock pile of Emergen-C that I guzzle whenever I feel an itch or when someone near me coughs lol
    I hear that taking a social media break really helps get writing and stuff done. I don’t know if I could do it though! lol You are strong!


    1. I usually drink so much Emergen-C when I have travel coming up. I was too carefree on this trip. I guess I didn’t think I’d get sick twice in two weeks haha. And I think you’ll be surprised. I feel like I thought it would be a lot harder than it actually is to step away from social media! Thanks for reading Ellie! <3


  2. Dubai and India?? SO jealous. Travel has always given me a burst of writing inspiration but then the next qualm I would have is being away from a computer haha.

    Glad to know you’ve rejuvenated (creatively, but hopefully physically too)! :) Are you going to Yallwest with anyone? We should meet up! ^^


      1. Haha I’ve never been there so I want to check it out. Also, it’s only like a 2 hour drive from San Diego, so I might as well take advantage of my Socal residence.


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