Heroes Reborn

I wasn’t actually going to post anything this week, but I couldn’t not say anything after I saw that Heroes Reborn trailer from Comic Con yesterday!

Season one of Heroes is probably my favorite season of any show EVER, and hugely influential in my writing. Like I’m not joking about this. It completely changed the way I think about narrative and weaving together multiple plot lines and character arcs. I actually rewatched the entire first season a few months ago and took notes on it because it is that good.

And given the way that the seasons after the first one went, I was pretty wary when they announced the reboot. But this trailer may just have changed my mind.

I know it’s just a trailer, but this looks every bit as good as that first season. I mean it has everything I wanted/loved: high stakes, diversity, HRG, complex characters, super powers, Hiro, that music. I swear if there had been a shot of Peter Petrelli (or Sylar), I probably would have burst into tears.

Of course, there’s no way of knowing just how good Reborn will be until it airs, but I’m choosing to stay hopeful that it will deliver. The best part of the show was the beautifully complex characters, and it’s clear from the trailer (and my unabashed stalking of their Comic Con panel tweets) that they’re really emphasizing that in the reboot.

I could actually go on for days about why Heroes is a must-see show for story lovers and creators alike, so I’ll leave off there. What did you all think of the trailer? Let me know in the comments below!

heroes animated GIF


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