Social Media Break

I was going to talk about Europe… but honestly I’ve only just emerged from Writing Cave Land for a quick update. Those who follow me on social media might have noticed that I’ve been largely absent for the last week. The truth is, I need a social media break.

I love social media. I love interacting with people and getting to see what everyone is up to. I often find really cool or funny or thought-provoking articles from my friends on Facebook and Twitter. And I love celebrating the successes of others. But sometimes it can be draining and distracting—and this was one of those weeks.

I often talk about writing in an almost glamorous way. I’ve said things like: “I wrote a book!” and “I revised a book!” and “I went to this amazing convention!” And yes, those things are pretty amazing, but there were so many moments that just sucked before I got there. Finishing a book is a big deal—but it was really, really hard. Revising a book is even harder.

I’m in the middle of struggling with another round of revisions right now, and it’s been a week filled with a lot of words thrown away, a lot of self-doubt, and a lot of self-medicating with Netflix. And when I’m in a writing slump, I always end up spending countless hours doing nothing on Twitter or Pinterest or Facebook or Tumblr (and I don’t even have Tumblr!) And it never helps. I never come away feeling recharged or motivated after having spent hours on any of these sites. Not only is it a giant time suck, it also drains me mentally, making it even more difficult to write.

So I decided that for the next few months, I am going to make a few changes in how I use the Internet. Obviously I can’t just not be online, so instead of cutting it out all together, my goal for the months of July and August is to do a mini social media detox. I will be online—but only for a few hours each week. I’ve turned off my phone notifications. I’ll even be checking my emails less. It means that I’m slightly more difficult to get a hold of, but I won’t be completely unreachable! And hopefully at the end of these two months, I’ll feel a lot more recharged—and also have a revised book!

And also I am tired of apologizing for not updating every week… which basically tells me that every other week is just a more realistic timeline for me. So new update schedule: every other Monday.


2 thoughts on “Social Media Break

  1. I am so with you on mini social media detoxes/finding a more sustainable system of a few set hours a week. Also the every other week blogging thing, because that has seemed to work better for me as well… Good luck this week! 😘

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    1. I am the worst and just saw this lol. Glad your detox worked so well for YOU last week. I need a similar week of intense productivity so that’s what I’m doing this week. Have the funnest time on your vacation <3 You deserve it!


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