RT Recap

I am the worst. I totally had a blog post all lined up to post three weeks ago and then… I literally just forgot to post it before I went to Dallas!

So while I do have that old blog post already written, I thought I’d save that for another day and instead talk about the last three weeks. The last three weeks have been… busy to say the least. I first went to the RT Booklovers Convention in Dallas, and then I took a two-week vacation to Europe. It was a lot of fun, but it was also a lot of being away from home for my poor introverted self. Needless to say, I am beyond happy to be back in my house with my regular routines and, most importantly, my laptop. I seriously cannot believe I was laptop-free for three weeks. It’s unreal. How did I survive?!

So anyway… RT. Ohh RT. I don’t even know where to start. It was quite possibly one of the funnest weeks of my life.

2015-05-16 22.26.31
Seriously! Look at all these books! Most of them are even signed!

First of all, I finally got to meet my critique partners Maddy and Janella. It’s so weird even to me that I met them online six months ago, and despite Skyping nearly every week since then, it was the first time we actually met in person! I feel like I’ve known them forever. I always say it’s good that we don’t live near each other because otherwise we wouldn’t get anything done… and RT totally proved that to be the truth. We had way too much fun together, even if all we did was attend panels and drink wine and nerd out over all the awesome authors we got to meet… and of course binge watch terrible (and by terrible, I obviously mean awesome) stuff on Netflix.

Janella, Maddy, and me!

Secondly, I am still all kinds of shocked that I got to meet some of my favorite authors that I’ve been reading for years. I first read Scott Westerfeld when I was 13 years old… I never even imagined that ten years later I would be having a conversation with him! And Tamora Pierce?! I can’t even talk about how surreal that was. She was so incredibly sweet and gave me some wonderful writing advice.

2015-05-16 20.45.44
“Trust your own instincts even when others try to discourage you. Write what you HAVE to write, not what’s in the market. If it’s true, you’ll find a market.”

Other highlights include Christina Lauren, Kresley Cole, Ciara Knight, Sara Raasch, and Erica O’Rourke. Erica especially was truly wonderful, and though I hadn’t read her books when we met, in the two weeks since then, I somehow managed to devour every single thing she has ever written that I could get my hands on. I wish I’d managed to snag picture with a few more authors, but I guess that’s my excuse for going back another year ;)

2015-05-17 03.00.04
CW starting from top left: Kresley Cole, Erica O’Rourke, Christina Lauren, Sara Raasch

And third, anyone who has talked to me in the last 8 months or so has probably heard way more than they ever wanted to hear about my writer crush Susan Dennard. She has one of the best writing blogs ever and does SO much for aspiring writers. Seriously. And not only is her advice wonderful, I actually met my CPs through her! And I was beyond stoked to get to actually meet her in person for the first time at RT!

FullSizeRender (1)
Sooz!!! Ignore how awkward I look.

I was fortunate enough to win a critique from Susan as a part of YA Runs a 5k (hosted by my wonderful CP Melody), so I pretty much died when she offered to read my first ten pages before RT so we could hang out and chat about them in person there. I’m still in shock that she actually read my work. One of my favorite authors, and the person I turn to for any advice related to writing/publishing, actually read something I wrote. I can tell you that even two weeks later, it doesn’t seem real at all.

Other than that, I can’t possibly summarize or even come close to explaining how amazing that week was. Getting to meet authors and get so many free books was really great, sure, but getting to sit in on amazing panels where authors and agents and editors talked about the industry, about craft, and about marketing was just so, so invaluable. I got to pitch my book to an agent and an editor. I learned so much about what it means to be a writer, and came away recharged and filled with so much hope. And getting to do it all with my wonderful, amazing, hilarious CPs?! That was literally the best part.


2 thoughts on “RT Recap


    This was seriously the BEST time ever (but why does it feel like a billion years ago?) and further proof that we need to do this all the time. RT Vegas?? ;)


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