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So California weather is acting the slightest bit unpredictably, so of course I got sick. Sometimes my utterly craptastic immune system amazes even me. But being bedridden for three days does have its perks: I got to catch up on pop culture things!

And by pop culture things, I mainly mean highly neglected television. Seriously, why did no one tell me it was so hard to balance my TV addiction with novel writing?

The Voice

I’ve never been into reality TV, not even “just to make fun of it,” but one of the shows I make an exception is The Voice. One of my favorite college memories (and yeah I probably wasn’t doing college right if this was one of my favorite memories) was watching The Voice with my roommate my senior year, eating delicious salads (because we made the BEST salads) and drinking barely alcoholic Trader Joes moscato. Catching up on the latest season over the weekend really took me back to those days. I love the emphasis The Voice places on talent and not tearing people down– and the chemistry between the judges is pretty amazingly hilarious. I swear, the talent only gets better and better every year! I am so in love with #TeamXtina this season!


I’ve never really been one for zombies either. Definitely not a fan of the Walking Dead, nor have I spent too much time contemplating What Would I Do In A Zombie Apocalypse (because I’d be the first to die since I’d be too busy puking my guts out to fight). But I watched the pilot of iZombie and I have to say I’m kind of hooked! It’s got an interesting premise and though some parts with brain-eating aren’t for the squemish (i.e. me), overall it’s pretty awesome in a paranormal, witty banter, dry humor, kickass female kind of way. Add to that a South Asian main character– and David Anders (seriously is there any show in the last decade that he hasn’t been on?)– I am so there!!


I love superheroes. Like LOVE them. It’s not that ever really wanted to be one– though if I could have a super power, I totally want it to be teleportation– but just that I’ve been fascinated with heroes and hero stories for as long as I can remember. I really wish I was more into comics so I can better appreciate all the cool things Marvel has been doing lately. I only managed to watch the pilot, so I’m still getting into Daredevil, but I am looking forward to finishing the rest of the season and seeing where they take this!

Agent Carter

Another comic based hero story! Yay! So this wasn’t something I watched this weekend, but I did watch the entire first season a month or so ago, and ohmygod it was fantastic! One of the reasons I struggled to really get into Mad Men was the sexism. I totally understand that it’s a period piece that’s attempting to realistically portray how women were seen and treated and that’s very much a part of our history, but honestly, it made me cringe. Agent Carter does a fantastic job of balancing those sexist sentiments while also showcasing Peggy Carter– and the other female characters– as people who are badass, strong, vulnerable, sensitive, determined, and so much more– even if they aren’t always recognized for those things. The biggest complaint about the show was the lack of diversity, so I really do hope they get renewed for another season and they address those concerns. I still say that it’s definitely worth the watch!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

It’s been about a year since I watched this but I had a Skype Date with my critique partners earlier where we were discussing LBD, so I couldn’t not mention it. For anyone who hasn’t already seen it, it’s available on YouTube! As the title suggests, it’s a modern day retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice where Lizzie is a grad student who is vlogging about her life for her Masters degree. It is beautifully scripted and brilliantly acted with so much additional content (character Twitter accounts, vlogs from the POV of other characters, Jane’s Lookbook) that really brought the world to life in such an incredible way that some people didn’t even realize the entire show was fictional!

So yeah, my TV tastes are quite eclectic! I really love all kinds of stories, and I’m always looking for new things to binge watch on my writing breaks, so send me recommendations in the comments below, in my recently added contact form, or by hitting me up on social media!


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